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Preparing For Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

Before your appointment

  • Be sure to set aside at least two hours for your appointment. To ensure the very best results, please follow these important guidelines:


  • Please do not wear any make up to your appointment. ESPECIALLY DO NOT WEAR ANY EYE MAKE UP OR MASCARA!


  •  Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment - just wear your normal eye glasses.


  • Please make sure to inform your therapist of any known eye conditions before your appointment, in cases of infections etc.... this treatment may not be suitable at this time.


  • Please inform your therapist if you suffer from claustrophobia or have any neck problems.


Aftercare instructions

  • Keep visits to a sauna, steam room and swimming pool to a minimum and not at all during the first 48 hrs. Be very gentle with your eyelashes.


  •  Do not touch your eyelashes or get them wet for the next 24 hrs to allow time for the adhesive to completely dry. After this time, only brush very gently upwards with the lash brush/comb that your therapist will have provided you with.


  • Avoid hot steam from the shower for the next 48 hrs (cool quick showers or baths).


  • Do not rub your eyes excessively.


  • Do not use any oil based eye make up remover, and when removing eye make up use a cotton wool bud near the lash line to prevent damaging the bond.